Autoclamp Utility Trailer

Autoclamp Utility

All your equipment in one load

The Autoclamp Utility offers the capacity to transport all your equipment in one load. By carrying all your equipment at once, you will improve work efficiency and bring a quick return on investment. Your transportation costs will drop, and you will save the delays of waiting on the arrival of others bringing equipment.

We have designed the trailer to carry a combination of different kits, so we can provide our customers with ultimate flexibility. The Autoclamp Utility comes with the advantage of modifying and switching up your load, as it enables mix and match scenarios.

By choosing the Autoclamp Utility Trailer, you will be able to carry up to 16 Chapter 8 barriers, 18 cones, 6 to 8 road signs (dependant on size), breakers, buckets, and your excavator all in one load, with no tools required to secure your equipment in place - only clips, simple chains and our patented Autoclamp system.

The Autoclamp Utility is fitted with a bucket and boom rest, which are securely fastened with a securing pin. At the rear there is a Dozer Clamp, which is simple to operate and provides extra security and safety during transport.

Design Features & Benefits

Autoclamp Utility Trailer


The Autoclamp Utility’s transporter system is fully patented and exclusive to us.


Its ramps are swaged steel, which increases durability and offers greater grip.


The ramp angle is as little as 11 degrees, splitting into 5 and 6 degrees. Its low gradient eliminates sway when loading/unloading the excavator.


Its adjustable coupling spacer enables simple and easy vehicle matching.


LED lights come as standard with built in loom/cable protection.


The front clamp is self-adjusting, unlike other strapless trailers, which must be initially set-to-suit and altered when changing excavator.


The excavator is fully clamped in four positions; a big advantage over other strapless trailers which are not a fully clamped system.


With sealed for life (SFL) bearings, large wheel bolts, and large pitch circle diameter (PCD) all as standard, the Autoclamp Utility’s wheel security is exceptional.


Its boom/dipper arm has a multi selection function to provide quick location and added security.

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Specification List

Gross Vehicle Weight:


Unladen Trailer Weight:

980kg (base trailer)

Carrying Capacity:

2520kg (base trailer)

Bed size (internal):

W 1700mm x L 3100mm without fixtures (1020mm between track guides)

Overall Dimensions:

W 2305mm x L 5070mm x H 1720mm

Bed Height (unladen):

370mm (w/ 6° beavertail)

Side Height (internal):


Ramp Style:

Swaged steel split ramps w/ bolt-on knees

Ramp Size (working area):

W 345mm x L 1495mm

Ramp Angle (unladen):


Wheel & Tyres Size:

WT088 (185/70R13), 5 x M16 on 165.1PCD (ET7)



Dual Height Tow Ball Range:

Low 315 – 365mm (12 ½” – 14 ¼”) High 425 – 475mm (16 ¾” – 18 ¾ “)

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Autoclamp Utility Trailer

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