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CH751N Quad Bike Trailer + FREE Straps


Daxara CH751N

Free Item:

Motorcycle Handle Straps (LR119)


£21 inc vat

*Trailer model shown is for illustration Purposes

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DAXARA CH751 Quad Bike Trailer

The CH751N is a multifunctional small vehicle trailer, perfect for quad bikes and has a gross vehicle weight of 750Kgs.  Conforms to the European Directive 2007/46 approved by the European Parliament and Council.

Specification List

Gross Vehicle Weight:


Load Capacity (kg):


Useable Dimensions: (cm):

200 x 142

Overall Dimensions Assembled (cm):

306 x 186 x 70


145 R13

Empty Weight (kg):


Axle Capacity (kg)


Chassis Ground Clearance (cm)


Optional Extras

Running Boards: Loading Ramps: Front Bumper Protector: Spare Wheel: Coupling Head Lock: Motorbike Handle Straps: Prop Stand: Quad Loading Pack: Wooden Base

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