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At Indespension, we can offer you both business and personal finance to enjoy the benefits of owning one of our premium trailers, and our finance opportunities don’t stop at trailers! You can apply for finance on our top-quality parts too.

If you’re a limited company, or an individual, we can offer flexible packages which spread the cost of your purchase over a maximum of 5 years, with weekly payments starting as low as £13 on a product with the retail value of £2,500. We can also offer finance for any products for a minimum value of £250 + VAT.

Our finance options ensures that our customers can acquire goods quickly and on terms that best suit their budget. Packages can be tailored and designed to suit the repayment preferences of individual customers.

For more information on how we can help your next towing or trailer purchase simply call our central sales team on 01204 478591.

The benefits of financing


Fixed monthly payments. From anywhere between 1 to 5 years


Fast decisions with high acceptance rates


Your existing credit facilities remain unaffected


Tax advantages - offset leasing payments against your Corporation Tax


A quick and efficient application process

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