Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I tow a trailer on any licence?

Holders of a provisional licence are prohibited from towing any trailer.

Drivers who passed their car test before 1st January 1997, should have entitlement B+E C1+E as listed on point 9 of the driving licence, this entitles you to drive vehicles with a G.V.W. up to 7500Kg and tow any trailer provided the combined G.V.W. of the towing vehicle and trailer is less than 8250Kg.

Drivers who passed car test after 1st January 1997, can drive a vehicle with a G.V.W. of 3500Kg with less than 8 seats.

They can also tow any trailer with G.V.W. of up to 750Kg provided:

  • The G.V.W. of the towing vehicle is 2 x the G.V.W of the trailer
  • The combined G.V.W. of the towing vehicle and trailer is under 3500Kg

If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997 you will have to take an additional test to tow a trailer in excess of G.V.W. of 750KG.

Drivers over the age of 70 have to re-apply for class CI.

Please note: Late in 2021 these rules will be changing, therefore please visit the following site for more information - Towing Rule Updates 

2. Do I have AL-KO or Knott Brakes?

There are two commonly used brake back plates, AL-KO & Knott. Even though both operations are similar, each type requires different settings. There are two common ways to differentiate between the two brakes. The first way would be to check the compensator, an AL-KO compensator has a swage end which fits on the Bowden cable, and a Knott compensator has locknuts. Another way to identify your brakes would be the way that you adjust them, AL-KO brakes has a star wheel on the backplate which needs adjusting by screwdriver, where as the Knott backplate has an adjuster nut for spanner adjustment. 

If you need further information please call 01204 478 591 for further advice.

3. Which is the best way to protect my trailer?

There are a number of different ways to protect your trailer, all of which are cost effective and can potentially save you from losing thousands of pounds in investment. On the website we have a range of security products available and we are also a dealer for Tough Tracker tracking units, please just call us for details on this service.

4. Do you have towing centres abroad?

We don't have towing centres abroad but we do have a collection of dealers in various countries, contact our sales team to find out more or call 01204 478 591.

5. What are the opening times of the branches?

Please use our branch locator here, where you can find details on the opening times for all of our branches.

6. Where is my nearest towing centre?

We have towing centre branches and stockist all around the country, if you click here you will be able to see a map of them all.

7. Do you hire trailers?

Yes click here to see our whole fleet. Or if you have a particular need then contact your local branch click here 

8. I need a new trailer, can I exchange my old trailer?

Yes at our branches they will part exchange most trailers at their own discretion. Click here to see a map of them all.

9. Can I transport passengers in my caravan?

Transporting passengers in any trailer or caravan is prohibited.

10. Will I be insured to tow a trailer?

Generally most vehicle insurance policies cover third party liabilities when towing a trailer or caravan. We would always recommend additional cover is arranged for theft and contents. Most companies who have trailers hold the driver responsible for the trailer value.

11. Will my road tax be increased if I start towing trailers?

No additional road fund licence is required for motor cars or light commercial vehicles towing trailers.

12. What does my suspension unit 10 year guarantee cover?

The guarantee covers against material defects or workmanship up to 10 years. It does not cover damage as a result of overloading or user abuse or error.

Units returned under a guarantee claim must be returned to an Indespension branch. They will return it to our manufacturing facility for inspection and their decision will be final.

Statutory Rights are unaffected. 

13. Does my towbar have a lifetime guarantee?

The majority of our towbars do come with a lifetime guarantee.  Although it will depend on the style of neck, the supplier and as with all parts they are subject to a maintenance procedure. For more information simply contact your local branch who will be able to confirm and advise on the best towbar for your vehicle. To find your nearest branch click here

14. Can I tow my trailer outside of the UK?

Commercial trailers weighing over 750kg in gross weight must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) if they are being towed internationally. The same rule applies for non-commercial trailers that weigh over 3,500kg in gross weight.

To make international journeys, you must:

  • Have a trailer registration certificate with you in case requested by foreign authorities.
  • Display a separate registration plate on the trailer that matches the towing vehicle.

For more information, visit one of the following sites:

15. Does my towbar need servicing?

In April 2009, the towbar became an integral part of the vehicle MOT test. Here at Indespension, road safety is a top priority; therefore, we provide services specifically for your towbar to maintain it’s condition.  For more information on the towbar services we provide, visit the following page for more information: Towbar Servicing

16. Does my trailer need a service?

Although it is not a legal requirement to have your trailer service, undetected faults caused by lack of proper and thorough servicing is a major cause of breakdowns and accidents involving trailers. With faulty lights, brakes and worn tyres being the most common. All of which, can be avoided by arranging to have your trailer serviced. Click here to find out more about a trailer service by Indespension.

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