Indespension 3 Bike Carrier


The Indespension 3 Bike Carrier is your solution for a versatile rear bike rack. This premium rack is your perfect choice for securely transporting up to three bikes on your adventures.

Our rear bike rack offers reliability and convenience. With its robust design, it's ideal for both mountain bikes and road bikes, providing a hassle-free way to transport your rides. No matter if you're gearing up for exhilarating off-road mountain biking or a smooth road cycling journey, the Indespension 3 Bike Carrier has you covered.

Say goodbye to the hassles of bike transportation and elevate your cycling experience with our top-quality rear bike rack. Your biking adventures just got easier and more enjoyable.

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The Indespension 3 Bike Carrier is an easy to set up Bike Carrier, mounted on to your towbar for short or long trips, transporting your bikes with ease. 

  • Design to carry 3 bikes 
  • Aluminium Frame.
  • Carry up to three bikes with an average weight of 15 kilos per bike.
  • Locking clamp to 50mm ISO Towball.
  • Locking upright clamps to secure the bikes.
  • Adjustable wheel chocks to secure bike wheels
  • Quick-releasing straps with chocks to conveniently secure bikes.
  • Tilt down for trunk access with bikes on.
  • Locks bike to the rack, two keys included. Push button locks.
  • Locks rack to the tow ball, two keys included. Push Button lock.
  • 13 pin plug connector included.
  • 2.5 m Security strap included.
  • Part assembled.
  • Number plate clips 
  • Full light cluster. Reversing, fog - suitable for European driving
More Information
Brand Indespension
Fitting of Bike Towbar Mounted
Maximum Number of Bikes 3
Maximimum Bike Weight (kg) 15 KG per bike
Load Capacity 45 KG
Dimension - LxWxH (cm) 108 X 66 X 20
Colour Silver/Black