Jockey Wheels & Propstands

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Jockey Wheels & Propstands

As an integral part of any trailer, the jockey wheel provides support for the load and mobility of the trailer, when the trailer is uncoupled from the vehicle or post. At Indespension we have a wide range of both pressed and cast trailer jockey wheels for different makes of caravans and trailers available. We stock jockey wheels and spare parts from Indespension, AL-KO, Bradley, Maypole and Knott.

In addition to jockey wheels, we also have prop stands available in different lengths and diameters. Prop stands help by providing additional support and they also help to maintain the integrity of the trailer chassis by supporting it during loading and unloading.

If you are needing parts or accessories for your jockey wheels and prop stands, we also stock a wide range of spares including jockey wheel clamps, spare wheels, replacement wheels, spare pin assemblies and spare handles.

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