Trailer Spares


At Indespension we have a range of trailer security options available. Remembering the more security measures you put in place, the less likely it is that your trailer will be stolen. We have wheel clamps, ball socket locks, hitch locks, padlocks and a range of coupling locks available to meet the needs of your budget and requirements. Options include:

Ball Socket Locks

This type of lock prevents your trailer from being hitched to another vehicle whilst not in use or ‘parked up’

Shroud and Hitch Locks

These work in a similar way to Ball Socket Hitch locks but have added security with pick-free locks.

Wheel Clamps

A wheel clamp is more common security measure taken as it prevents the wheel from turning when not in use.

Tool boxes

In order to keep your tools safe and secure we have metal and plastic toolboxes available, which can be kept secure with a simple padlock.

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