Indespension 9x4 Beavertail Plant Trailer


The Indespension AD27094BTS Challenger 50 Beavertail Trailer showcases a design that incorporates maintenance-free sealed bearings, a resilient leaf spring suspension, and reliable ALKO brakes. It comes standard with a roomy 5-stud PCD fitment. Furthermore, the trailer is equipped with LED lighting as a standard feature for enhanced visibility and safety.


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The Indespension AD27094BTSLED Challenger 50 Beavertail Trailer, a 9' x 4' plant trailer, is engineered for precision and durability by Indespension. It boasts a robust hot-dip galvanized chassis that sets the standard for resilience and corrosion resistance. With a generous gross vehicle weight capacity, it excels at handling heavy loads with ease.

What truly distinguishes the AD27094BTSLED is its innovative tail system, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of equipment, machinery, and oversized cargo. This groundbreaking feature offers unmatched versatility, enabling secure and efficient transportation of various items.

The trailer's reinforced non-slip floor, supported by longitudinal reinforcements, ensures superior stability and protection during transit. This rugged construction guarantees the safety and security of your valuable cargo, even in challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions.

Equipped with an advanced braking system, the AD27094BTSLED delivers precise control and exceptional stopping power, enhancing on-road safety. Its heavy-duty tires and wheels, chosen for their reliability and durability, further elevate performance.

The AD27094BTSLED features a fully adjustable hitch, providing seamless compatibility with a wide range of towing vehicles. This flexibility optimizes towing performance while reducing stress on towing components, ensuring long-term reliability.

More Information
Brand Indespension
Trailer Location Ipswich
Size 9x4
Gross Weight (kg) 2700
Carrying Capacity (KG) 2130
Trailer Type Plant