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The Autoclamp Trailers

The Autoclamp range of trailers set the standards of today's plant and construction industry, with our own revolutionary patented technology built in.

Both of our Autoclamp trailers are built with our patented adjustable 4-point Autoclamp system, which automatically operates as the excavator drives into the clamping mechanism, making loading and carrying excavators easy, safe and effective. The perfect strapless excavator trailer!

The Autoclamp Utility has the added value of being fitted with our fully patented carrier system, providing a cost-effective solution for plant and site managers.

Key Features

Autoclamp Autoclamp Utility
1. Bolt-on drawbar and bolt-on raised bucket rest with boom securing pin
2. An adjustable height coupling and 3 position adjustable axles
3. Phenolic coated birch ply with protective ‘smash’ plate
4. Patented Barrier Carrier Cages for Chapter 8 Barriers (9x slimline ea. Cage)
5. Cone carrying facility for Chapter 8 cones (9 x 500mm ea. Side)
6. Chain retainers for 4x Chapter 8 road signs
7. Side channel storage for sandbags & barrier posts etc.
8. 4 point clamping system including the patented self adjusting Autoclamp system
9. Galvanised steel floor with raised perforations for extra grip
10. Galvanised steel ramps with raised perforations for secure low angle loading

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Autoclamp Trailer

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