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This section of our website is dedicated to providing technical information, so that our customers have a central hub for any technical queries, a place where expert advice and guidance is easily accessible and available for download.

We will continuously update this page, uploading articles covering everything you need to know as an Indespension customer. Our articles will offer information on everything from Government legislation, Type Approval, safety and legal requirements to towing vehicles on the road and owning a trailer, to Manufacturing catalogues and guidance on maintenance and servicing of your trailer.

However, don’t forget our expert advice isn’t limited to our site. You can speak to a member of our team over the phone, or from within one of our branches anytime. We are always happy to lend a helping hand.

AL-KO Coupling Guide

Indespension's AL-KO Coupling and Coupling Parts Guide

Download PDF Guide 

Autoclamp Datasheet

Indespension's Autoclamp Datasheet

Download PDF Guide 

Autoclamp Utility Datasheet

Indespension's Autoclamp Utility Datasheet

Download PDF Guide 

Bradley Coupling Guide

Indespension's Bradley Coupling and Coupling Parts Guide

Download PDF Guide

Brake Guide

Indespension's Brake Guide

Download PDF Guide

Bearings Guide

Indespension's Bearings Guide

Download PDF Guide

Coupling Head Maintenance

The Indespension guide to performing coupling head checks and general maintenance.

Download PDF Guide

Indespension Coupling Guide

Indespension's Coupling and Coupling Parts Guide

Download PDF Guide

Knott Coupling Guide

Indespension's Knott Coupling and Coupling Parts Guide

Download PDF Guide

Perform your own trailer MOT

Indespension's guide to inspecting your trailer at home

Download PDF Guide

Sealed for Life Bearings Guide

The Indespension guide to one shot nut removal and replacement.

Download PDF Guide

TripleLock Braked Coupling Guide

The Indespension guide to connecting an Indespension TripleLock braked coupling to your vehicle.

Download PDF Guide

Wheels & Tyre Guide

The Indespension guide to all things wheels and tyres.

Download PDF Guide


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